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Former Chicago White Sox Player Facing Drunk Driving Charges

March 29th, 2012 at 4:42 am

dui lawyer rolling meadows illinois Even celebrities and professional athletes can make the mistake of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. According to the Chicago Tribune, the latest athlete that has landed in this predicament is the former White Sox closer Bobby Jenks. Jenks, who signed with the Boston Red Sox following the 2010 season, was charged with a DUI on March 23, 2012 in Fort Myers, Florida, where the Red Sox are currently training.

A police officer pulled Jenks over after observing his vehicle weaving through traffic. Jenks failed field sobriety tests, admitted that he had taken too many muscle relaxers, and also stated that he had hit another vehicle earlier at a Fort Meyers strip club. He now faces five misdemeanor charges, including driving under the influence, property damage, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Jenks has already made the classic mistake of attempting to explain his behavior to police by blaming his intoxicated state on muscle relaxers. In doing so, Jenks only made it more likely that he will face convictions on these charges. By giving voluntary statements about his behavior to the police, without the presence of a qualified DUI attorney, Jenks is giving the prosecution more evidence of his alleged crimes.

If you are arrested for driving under the influence in Chicago, you have a constitutional right to contact an attorney and to refrain from speaking with law enforcement officers about the incident. Do not hesitate to exercise your rights and contact a Rolling Meadows DUI defense lawyer at once for assistance with any DUI or related criminal charges that you may be facing.

Court Supervision in Illinois DUI Cases

March 16th, 2012 at 3:45 am

According to the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office, first-time DUI offenders in Illinois are often required to complete a period of court supervision. If a court sentences you to complete court supervision, you will be required to comply with court-ordered terms for a specified period of time. While the terms of court supervision can vary from one case to the next, and may also differ depending on which Illinois state court is handling your DUI case, most court supervision orders share some common aspects.

illinois court supervisionFirst, court supervision often requires you to complete an alcohol evaluation and follow any treatment recommendations. For instance, you could be required to attend counseling or drug and alcohol education meetings, or take part in a program like Alcoholics Anonymous. It is also likely that the court will order you to pay a fine, and possibly other costs related to your DUI charge. The judge hearing your case also has the option of ordering you to complete a specified number of community service hours, especially if your blood alcohol content was well above the legal limit of .08 at the time of your DUI. Finally, a court supervision order could require you to participate in other types of alcohol education events, for example, a victim impact panel.

In addition to court supervision, a first DUI conviction can also result in serious consequences, including a criminal record that you could be required to be disclosed to future employers. If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Chicago, you will need the assistance of a top Rolling Meadows, Illinois DUI defense lawyer. With the help of an experienced Rolling Meadows DUI attorney, you may be able to minimize or avoid the potentially negative consequences of your DUI charge

Chicago Police Officer Unsuccessfully Attempts to Avoid DUI Charge

March 3rd, 2012 at 1:53 am

In the United States, drunk driving is a crime that crosses all boundaries such as sex, race, and socioeconomic levels. In fact, even police officers who are sworn to follow the law may have a habit of drinking too much on occasion. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials don’t always act honestly or appropriately when suspected of drinking and driving. For instance, according to The Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago police officer Sean Patrick Dailey currently faces disorderly conduct charges for allegedly attempting to get out of a DUI charge.

Chicago police vehicleApparently, In 2010, a Niles police officer stopped Dailey for speeding and failing to stop at a stoplight, after he left a Niles bar.  According to reports, Dailey admitted that he had been drinking, and after telling the Niles officer that he was a Chicago police officer, asked to leave the vehicle and make arrangements to get a ride home via cell phone. Almost immediately thereafter, the Niles officer left Dailey at the scene when he was dispatched to respond to a large bar fight at another local bar, which later proved to be fictional. Dailey wasn’t charged with DUI – that time.

An investigation by the Niles Police eventually showed that the 911 telephone call resulting in the Niles officer being dispatched to Cheers was in fact made by Dailey, who claimed that he had witnessed the fight. Dailey, who incidentally, later ended up in jail for another DUI in Niles, now must contend with a much more serious charge – disorderly conduct, on which he is being held with a $10,000 bond.

This ultimately failed attempt to avoid getting a DUI should serve as a warning – if you’re facing DUI charges in Chicago, don’t take questionable actions in trying to get out of a DUI on your own. Instead, contact an experienced Rolling Meadows, Illinios DUI defense lawyer for assistance in resolving a DUI charge.

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