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Driving Without a License: How Common is it in Illinois?

November 2nd, 2016 at 7:00 am

driving without a license, Rolling Meadows Criminal LawyerCountless people in Illinois get behind the wheel when they do not have a valid driver’s license.  These drivers may have never obtained a driver’s license in the first place, could have a suspended driver’s license, or could have had their driving privileges revoked. According to a recent news article posted by, far more Illinois drivers get behind the wheel without a valid driver’s license than one might think.

What Motivates People to Drive Without a License?

According to the article, across the state of Illinois, state law enforcement have issued citations to more than 100,000 drivers who were behind the wheel while driving on a revoked or suspended driver’s license. Between the years of 2011 and 2015, there were more than 300,000 convictions for driving with a revoked or suspended driver’s license. Why are these numbers so high? Why do people choose to risk it and drive when they do not have a valid driver’s license?

There are several reasons why people choose to risk it and drive despite having a revoked, suspended, or simply no driver’s license at all. Common reasons include the following:

  • Driving is more convenient than public transportation, biking, or walking;
  • Some people living in Illinois are unaware of how to obtain a driver’s license, such as undocumented immigrants, or foreign nationals; and
  • Unlicensed drivers often have no other choice—they either drive themselves without a license, or they cannot go to work or run errands.

How Do I Avoid Losing My Driver’s License?

There are a number of criminal offenses that can result in your driver’s license being revoked or suspended. For instance, a DUI conviction will result in your driver’s license being revoked. Or, committing too many traffic violations in a short amount of time can result in too many points accumulating on your driver’s license, which can lead to your license being suspended.

Losing your driving privileges due to a driver’s license suspension or revocation can seriously disrupt your life. Driver’s license suspensions and revocations can span many years, leaving you unable to legally drive for a long time. That is why it is so important to fight any criminal charges that are pressed against you which could potentially cost you your driving privileges.

If you have been charged with any criminal offenses that could potentially cost you your driver’s license, it is critically important that you get in touch with an experienced Illinois criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense lawyer will be able to help you fight the charges against to you, potentially getting your criminal charges dropped or reduced to a lesser offense.

Contact an Illinois Driver’s License Suspension or Revocation Lawyer

Losing your driver’s license can upend your life and can make getting everyday things in your life done in an effective way a challenge. Having a passionate Rolling Meadows criminal defense lawyer to help you fight for your driving privileges, or to reinstate your driver’s license after a suspension or revocation, is always a good idea.


Teen Drinking Targeted by Officials

July 2nd, 2014 at 7:00 am

Christopher M. Cosley, high school graduation, juvenile law attorney, Rolling Meadows criminal lawyer, teen drinking, The Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley, underage drinking, Chicago juvenile crime lawyerThe end of a school year brings graduation and all of the celebrations that go along with the occasion. Many high school students are undoubtedly eager to enjoy the milestone and excitedly look forward to the next part of their lives. However, it is an unfortunate fact that many event celebrations for  teens involve underage drinking, or at least the opportunity to do so. A recent article discusses law enforcement officials’ response in Pontiac, Illinois.

Underage Drinking

Police officers are aware of a correlation between the incidence of underage drinking and warmer weather in the summertime. Their concern, however, is that teens do not appreciate the fact that choosing to participate in underage drinking and risking an arrest can have long lasting and damaging effects on their lives in the future.

School officials also side with law enforcement, saying that students partaking in celebrations is to be expected. But, it is also important that such celebrating be done in a responsible way. School representatives encourage students to enjoy their graduation with friends and family in a smart and safe way. The local school in Pontiac offered a safe and legal alternative celebration that they hosted, called Operation Graduation. It was an all-night event allowing teens to celebrate in a drug and alcohol-free environment.


Potential consequences of an underage drinking arrest include suspension of the individual’s driver’s license for at least six months due to the state of Illinois’ zero tolerance policy. Other consequences include a probationary sentence, community service, the imposition of a curfew, and potential ramification from school administration, like restrictions on extracurricular activities.

If convicted of a higher graded Class A misdemeanor, an individual faces a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. Both the age of the individual and whether they have any prior criminal history are factors that are considered in order to determine whether the person will be sentenced to a period of incarceration, a period of probation, and/or any fines imposed.

Other criminal offenses involved with teen drinking could include an arrest for driving under the influence. Minors are subject to the same testing as adults, including breath, blood, and urine screenings. In addition to losing their license, teens could be sentenced to probation time or fines.

Of course, some may argue that the legal consequences of underage drinking pale in comparison to the personal tragedy that can occur. Poor judgment and decision making that results from underage drinking could have potential life-long consequences if such behavior results in a crash, death, or other significant injury.

Juvenile Law Attorney

If you or someone you know has been charged with underage teen drinking or any other criminal offense as a juvenile, the experienced attorneys at The Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley can assist in your defense. Contact us today for a consultation. We serve clients in DuPage and Cook Counties and surrounding areas.

Funding Approved for Meth Treatment Program

June 5th, 2014 at 7:00 am

drug charges, drug treatment programs, drug users, effective treatment programs, Illinois and meth, juvenile offenses, Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley, meth treatment program, Rolling Meadows criminal attorney, Rolling Meadows criminal lawyer, use of methamphetamineDrug use and addiction is a problem that runs rampant in the state of Illinois and across the country. The use of methamphetamine (meth) is a particular concern for residents of Illinois. In recent years, Illinois reported rising meth use along with an increased number of meth labs seized by police. Now more than ever, the importance of an effective meth treatment program for drug users is clear.

Treatment Program

There is hope for drug, and specifically meth, users in the state of Illinois. According to a recent news article, a nationally recognized meth treatment program based in Benton, Illinois, has secured continued funding. The funding includes a $1.2 million grant for the treatment program, which is geared towards serving the needs of juveniles who range in age from 10 to 18 years old.

Those participants are court ordered into the program, having been charged with juvenile offenses and, likely, often drug charges. Many of these juveniles have already attempted traditional treatment programs but still continue to use. This one-of-a-kind meth treatment program is seen as their last chance for success in recovery. Participants in this particular program have a higher success rate than the national average, with their recidivism rate at 40 percent as compared to 90 percent nationwide.

The program is part of a pilot project based in Franklin County. The secured funding is seen as a particular success given the state of the economy in Illinois. However, many are seeing it as money well spent. The results of successful treatment and the fact that many juveniles are getting a second chance at life are factors that make continuing the program worth it. This coupled with the creation of 35 jobs through the program will act as motivation to continue securing funding for the facility in the future.

Good News for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is considering the continued funding for the program good news, since meth use is on the rise. Around the year 2000, police reportedly saw a sharp decline in use and meth related activity when many cookers were arrested and sent to prison and an ingredient used to manufacture meth was made more difficult to obtain by law. Now, a new method of cooking is producing more activity and increasing the incidence of meth use.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you have been charged with a crime as a juvenile or with a drug offense, it is important to consult with an experienced defense attorney who can protect your rights and get you a desirable result. This often involves exploring treatment options for those who are struggling with addiction. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley have experience doing just that. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your matter. We serve clients in Rolling Meadows, Cook County, and the surrounding area.

Prevalence of White Collar Crime Higher than Perception

May 14th, 2014 at 7:00 am

Rolling Meadows criminal lawyer, white collar crime, credit card fraud, identity theft, price misrepresentations, street crime, mobile devices and crimeThere are numerous examples of white collar crime in popular culture. Box office standouts like American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street are two hugely popular films just released in the last year whose plots revolve around the crime.

Often, celebrities and other notable figures who find themselves in trouble as the result of white collar crime remain fodder for news reporters and other media outlets long after their cases have made their way through the courts.

Yet despite the seeming prevalence of white collar crime on our television sets, movie screens, and newspapers, many people simply consider themselves far removed from such criminal offenses, and are likewise mistaken about the rate at which they occur in real life. Unfortunately, many studies and statistics prove that these perceptions are simply not true.

Troubling Statistics

A study performed in the recent past showed that white collar crime affected more individuals in the United States than every other type of crime combined. In fact, in 2010, the National Public Survey on White Collar Crime found that approximately 25 percent of households in America had been affected by white collar crime that year.

The survey was performed on just over 2,500 adults and included questions about their experiences with common sources of white collar crime, including mortgage and credit card fraud, identity theft, losses due to less than honest advice from stockbrokers, Internet scams, and price misrepresentations.

The study helped show the staggering number of people affected by white collar crime, and also tended to prove that this type of crime is not victimless or far removed from actual people. That survey also noted that people are far more concerned with white collar crimes they feel are more serious, like identity theft, than others.

The study found that the most common white collar crimes were credit card fraud, the misrepresentation of prices, and repairs that were unnecessary. It was also found that despite the acts being considered at law to be criminal, individuals were far more likely to report the incidents to their financial institutions than they were to report the incidents to law enforcement.

A Shift in Crime

In years past, data has revealed that what is considered “street crime” has been waning, perhaps for decades, while white collar crime is on the rise. Some suggest that the increase in white collar crime is due to the fact that there is often a higher return on investment for such crime. Also, it takes advantage of the increase in information and the current economy; the internet’s popularity produces greater profits. Finally, it exploits the widespread use of consumer electronics and mobile devices.

Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone you know has been charged with a white collar crime, hiring a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in such matters is crucial to the success of your case. Contact the Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley for a consultation with one of our attorneys who has successful experience representing clients charged with white collar crime. Our offices are located in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

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