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2014 Brings Change to Concealed Carry Law in Illinois

December 30th, 2013 at 8:38 am

In the New Year, Illinois residents who legally own a firearm will also legally be allowed to carry the weapons on their person. As reported by Chicago Tonight, the change in the concealed carry law in Illinois will translate to changes for business owners, property owners, and police who may come into contact with citizens carrying weapons. When the law becomes effective next month, the state of Illinois expects tens of thousands of applications for a concealed weapon permit to be filed by citizens within the first six months of the change.

Concealed Carry Law in IllinoisChange in Police Conduct

Prior to the law taking effect, it was illegal for Illinois citizens to carry a firearm on their person. Any time police came into contact with an individual carrying a weapon, in violation of the law, they acted according to their training in handling the situation. Now, they will have to change their mindset when dealing with a member of the public carrying a gun, since they may be doing so legally.

The Sheriff of Cook County and the state’s training board are working on a formal training program to address police procedure in light of the change in the law, but most of the battle will be changing the police officer’s train of thought in addressing these scenarios. Since they could be dealing with a law-abiding citizen carrying a weapon, they want to ensure that any further police conduct and contact with the public is done with a respectful and sensible approach.

The Effect on Business Owners

While many government buildings and schools will still be off-limits for possessing a weapon on the premises, the law will extend to concealed weapon possession in private buildings and businesses. Private property owners can decide if they will allow individuals to carry a concealed weapon on the property. If they decide against it, they will be required to post a sign approved by the state police at all entrances to notify the public. Currently, the law is not definitive on the consequences of failing to post the approved signage. It is expected that any changes or clarifications to the law will likely come from the courts or state regulations.

Like any change, the concealed carry law in Illinois will take time for the public to get used to and be aware of changes in the law. Illinois’ new concealed carry law follows suit with the majority of states across the country, and reflects a significant change in Illinois’ citizens’ rights regarding gun possession.

In other scenarios, even with the law change, possessing a weapon in Illinois could still be an illegal act.  If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney in Chicagoland can help. Contact us today for a consultation.

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