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Man Charged in Shooting Death of Alleged Accomplice.

Posted on in Disorderly conduct

Tevin Louis, 19, is being held on $1 million bond. He has been charged with one count of first-degree murder, two counts of armed robbery and one count of disorderly conduct in the shooting death of 19-year-old Marquise Sampson. But Louis did not fire the gun that killed Sampson. Police did.

According to a report in the Chicago Sun Times, prosecutors told Judge Laura Sullivan that Louis and Sampson, armed with guns and wearing masks and gloves, robbed two employees at King Gyros. It is alleged that after taking money from the store’s cash register, they also took cash and a cell phone from the two employees, as well as cigarettes from the store’s inventory. The victims told police that the stolen items were thrown into a backpack, which Louis took with him when he left the store, and that Sampson left right after.

Sampson was spotted running by Gresham district by beat patrol officers. The officers reported that they ordered Sampson, who they say was holding onto his side while running, to stop. Instead, he kept running, with the uniformed officers chasing him. Sampson then pulled a gun and pointed it at one of the officers. The officer shot him twice. Sampson was later pronounced dead at the scene. The coroner has ruled the death a homicide. None of the officers present were injured.

When Louis showed up at the scene of the shooting and tried to make his way past police, he was quickly arrested for disorderly conduct. Prosecutors are alleging that he admitted his involvement in the robbery. They also stated that Louis told a third party he was involved with Sampson in the robbery and that they have the surveillance tape from the store that show the robbery taking place.

First degree murder is one of the most serious crimes a person can be charged with. A guilty verdict can mean life in prison. If you are charged with a serious crime in Chicago, contact an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney immediately to defend you.

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