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Identity Theft is a Theft Crime

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identity theft, Rolling Meadows Criminal Defense AttorneyCommitting Identity Theft

When most people think of identity theft they think of cyber hacking. However, identity theft is not just a crime that is committed by high-tech cyber thieves.Identity theft can occurwhen a personuses another individual’spersonal identificationinformation,such as one’sname, Social Security number, driver’s license, passport, credit card number, or other financial information, withoutpermission, to commit fraud or other crimes.

Moreover,identity theft can becommitted bystealing an individual’smail and then completing credit card applications in the name of the victim.An identity thiefmay even open a new bank or a credit card account in a victim’sname or may change the mailing address of a victim’sexisting account so he or shecan use the accountwithout the victim’sknowledge. When athief uses anaccount without paying the bills, the delinquent accounts are noted on a victim’scredit report.

Additionally, thereare many high-tech ways to commit identity theft. For instance, it is very common for an identity thiefto hack into a victim’s email account or other online account to gain access to personal identifying information, which can be used for financial gain as well. It is also possible to purchase the personal identifying information of victims online through nefarious websites.

Potential Identify Theft Defenses

Identity theft is a serious criminal charge. It is a felony offense that carries lengthy jail time and substantial fines. Due to the seriousness of the consequences of being convicted for identity theft, it is important that, if you have been charged with identity theft, you fight the charges that are pressed against you. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you identify any potential defenses that you might have when you are charged with identity theft.

Accused of Being an Identity Thief? Get a Lawyer

Identity theft is a felony. Therefore, if you have been accused of identity theft, it is essential that youcontact an experienced Rolling Meadows criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case and your options. Please call847-394-3200 to schedule your consultation today.


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