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Kristin Cavallari Ticketed For Speeding

September 30th, 2013 at 6:48 pm

LauraThe wife of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler picked up a speeding ticket on a recent trip from Evanston to Chicago. Since she was driving without an Illinois driver’s license, she was required to visit the Evanston police headquarters to post a $150 bond. Cavallari was surprised that she was required to visit the police station to post a bond, but it brings to light a common procedure for individuals with certain out of state licenses who are pulled over traffic violations.

According to the Evanston police, this is normal for individuals with certain state drivers licenses. Unfortunately, California and several other states do not participate in a cooperative agreement between states about licensing. Although many people are not aware of this, it does indeed come with a $120 fine, which can be deducted from posted bond. This amount could also be increased as a result of court costs.

Any individuals moving from another state to Illinois are required to update their driver’s license within 30 days. Failure to recognize the importance of this rule could lead to an unpleasant surprise for someone being pulled over by police.

The Illinois DMV sets the guidelines for driving with an out of state license at a maximum of 90 days after the move, but the 30-day rule relates to the date on which you establish residency in the state. Some examples of establishing residency in the state include renting a place to live, obtaining a job, initiating school in the state, or by purchasing a home with the intent to live there. If you have accidents on your record or you are over the age of 75, you will need to take the driving test in the state of Illinois. If you have been pulled over for speeding or another citation and you require legal assistance, reach out to an experienced Illinois criminal attorney today.

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