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Man Kills Woman and Hides Body in Mother’s Home

September 18th, 2013 at 9:07 am

A case of murder with a bizarre twist was reported by the Chicago Tribune. It is alleged that Benjamin Esquivel murdered 49-year-old Burnadine Kinsey and hid her body in his mother’s home.

TheresaIt is alleged that after being intimate, Esquivel and Kinsey got into an argument, which ended with him stabbing her several times in the face, head and body. He then put her body, wrapped in sheets and a blanket, into a closet in the home that he shares with his mother. It is reported that Kinsey’s home was just three blocks away from Esquivel’s. His mother returned home and saw the body. She allegedly confronted her son about it and instead of calling law enforcement, she and her sister left the apartment.

Esquivel, who is 20 years old, called his friend Juan Ramos, 37, to ask what he should do with the body. They allegedly went to a nearby Home Depot to purchase tarps, duct tape, rubber gloves, and a soda. They returned to the apartment and wrapped the body in the tarps and tape. At that time, they returned the body to the same closet.

The two discussed places where they could hide the body and whether burning the body would be an option. Esquivel’s mother and her sister returned to the home several days later to discover that the body was still there. They called law enforcement to report the murder at that time.

Esquivel is being held on $1 million bond for murder and Ramos is being held on a bond of $250,000.00 for the concealment of a homicide. The family of the victim has expressed their outrage that Esquivel’s mother was not charged as well.

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