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Man Charged with Beating Pregnant Girlfriend and Killing Unborn Baby

July 26th, 2013 at 8:47 am

TheresaAccording to a recent report by DNA Info, a 23-year-old man is facing serious charges after an altercation with his pregnant girlfriend. The couple resided together in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood.

Investigators found that the couple does have an 11-month-old child together but that Jovanny Martinez was not the father of the child that she was pregnant with. They started arguing about her pregnancy and the fight ended up getting physical. Martinez then started punching her in the stomach repeatedly. Soon after, the victim reported that she thought that her water broke. She realized that she was bleeding. The victim was then taken to the hospital where she gave birth to a stillborn daughter.

Initially, the victim told law enforcement officials that she had been attacked by a group of women and one man. However, later she recanted her statement and identified Martinez as the person who attacked her.

Martinez was on probation for a felony burglary conviction from 2012 and he has been convicted to two misdemeanors previously. For these charges, he is being help on a bond of $700,000.00. He is being charged with homicide of an unborn child, felony aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, and felony aggravated domestic battery.

If you have been charged with a crime of domestic violence, the first thing that you need to do is to retain an experienced and aggressive Chicago area criminal defense attorney. No matter how bad your charges are, your defense attorney will protect your rights and present the best possible defense. Your attorney will also negotiate alternative agreements with the prosecution instead of taking the case to trial. If you choose to go to trial, your attorney will represent you in the trail to ensure that you get the fair trial that everyone has the right to have.

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