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Illinois law enforcement hoping preschool funding will be restored

May 8th, 2013 at 12:52 pm

LucyIn the 2013 Illinois state budget, funding for children’s programs would be a major win for over 160 police chiefs, state’s attorneys, sheriffs, police officer organization leaders and crime survivors. These people signed a letter addressed to Gov. Pat Quinn in late February urging him to protect this funding.

Cook County Sheriff, Tim Dart, argued that these programs have helped, and will continue to help, reduce children’s chances of being involved in crimes. With less children involved in crime, taxpayers would have less to pay to clean up the crime, “and we would save lives…Cleaning up after crime is extremely expensive,” Dart said.

Letters similar to the one sent to the Governor were also sent to the Speaker of the House, the House Minority Leader, the Senate President and the Senate Minority Leader.

These law enforcement officials are hoping that last year’s cuts to the preschool program will be restored in 2013, along with funding for after-school programs and home visiting programs to prevent child abuse to remain the same as last year. In the last three years, these programs have suffered major cuts, which worries law enforcement.

Granite Police Chief Rich Miller said, “Investing in kids pays off. Communities have less crime, kids get better outcomes in life, and taxpayers save money. There are some programs that are simply too valuable to cut any more than they already have been.”

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Since 2009, Illinois’ preschool program has been cut 22 percent, causing tens of thousands of 3 and 4 year olds to lose places in preschool. A long-term study of Chicago Child Parent Centers, which is publicly funded, found that kids who were not in the program were about 27 percent more likely to have been arrested by the time they turned 28 than those children who were able to participate in the program. These centers save ten times more money in reduces crime and other costs for every dollar spent on the program.

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