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New Crime Free Housing Ordinance in Pekin

August 22nd, 2014 at 8:13 am

Cook County criminal attorney, crime free housing, Crime Free Housing Ordinance, educate landlords, rental unit crimes, criminal defense attorney, commit crime, criminal behavior, crime chargesA new housing ordinance was recently passed in the city of Pekin in an effort to help landlords address issues with problem tenants, as well as to deal with irresponsible landlords who ignore illegal activities that occur on their property. According to the new ordinance, renters in Pekin who commit crimes risk being kicked out of their rentals if they continue to engage in criminal behavior. Pekin is just one of several other communities in Illinois with similar ordinances.


The new Crime Free Housing Ordinance requires a payment from landlords of $10, which will be used to help fund the program. The fee will reportedly help pay for educational classes and other costs associated with the program. It is not meant to generate a new funding source for the city. The fee will be a single fee per landlord, regardless of how many properties he or she owns. Other communities with similar ordinances charge landlords per housing unit.

The ordinance will also require landlords to attend a four-hour long seminar put on by the city. Its aim is to educate landlords on the new ordinance, give tips for screening rental unit applicants, and share information on state landlord-tenant laws as well as other relevant information. A copy of the ordinance must be attached to any future rental agreement and will apply to all crimes committed in the rental unit, on the lot of the unit, or in common areas of a complex. It will also include crimes committed by visitors while on the property.

In Effect

While the ordinance gives landlords some discretion to deal with offenses as they deem appropriate, it also gives them the tools they need to have good renters. The crime free ordinance allows the landlord to evict a tenant for any crime committed. According to the ordinance though, landlords will be notified by police if they have been called to an incident on their property for a criminal matter. The landlord must then address the issue with the tenant, either through eviction or by other means, or risk being fined anywhere from $250 to $750 for each unit per day the violation exists. After that, the landlord’s license to operate a rental property within the city can be suspended or revoked. The local police department said it plans on working with landlords to achieve compliance before revocation occurs.

Criminal Law Attorney

If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, it is beneficial to discuss your case with an experienced Cook County criminal attorney who can protect your rights. The team of criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley have successfully represented clients in a variety of criminal matters. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. Our office is located in Rolling Meadows.

Gun Crime in Chicago

June 12th, 2014 at 7:00 am

Chicago criminal defense attorney, Chicago Police Department, Cook County criminal attorney, Cook County criminal defense lawyer, gun crime, gun violence, Illinois gun controlA recent news article discussed the overwhelming problem of gun crime in the city of Chicago, especially in light of the violence that occurred throughout the city over Easter weekend. That weekend, nine people were killed and at least 36 were wounded. Among the 36 wounded were six children. Now, Chicago law enforcement officials are taking a closer look at the problem.

Gun Violence

Representatives from the Chicago Police Department are saying that part of the problem of overwhelming gun violence is that there is a new trend among young men who believe the only way to solve conflict is to use a gun. They are likening the problem to a social disease and health issue, particularly in communities where the problem is especially prevalent and results in a high number of lives being lost. In addition, the authorities have reason to believe at least some of the shootings were gang related, or in retaliation for previous shooting incidents. Investigations are ongoing.

Perhaps most troubling is the number of young people involved in the violent crimes as victims. Five of the child victims were shot while walking home from a park. They suffered injuries that varied in severity. That same shooting took place not even one mile from the home where a 17-year-old girl was fatally shot the weekend beforehand. Those who were shot and killed Easter weekend included a 16 and 18-year-old who were both found dead in an apartment on Chicago’s south side.


Authorities are trying to take action to improve the situation of gun violence in the city, but they feel it is mostly a losing battle until there is a change in gun laws in Illinois. The fact remains, however, that the law in Illinois has actually moved toward less strict gun control, as is evidenced by the state’s new law on concealed carry permits, which went into effect at the beginning of this year. Other measures that would go a long way in reducing gun violence include a denunciation of gang violence by the rap and hip-hop industry as part of a larger problem, since there is also speculation that a portion of the shootings that recently occurred in Chicago may be linked to a feud between local rival rappers.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Crimes involving guns and other weapons offenses are serious charges often involving felonies, the most serious types of crimes. These cases require immediate attention. If you have been charged with a gun crime, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley can help you obtain the result you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss your matter. We serve clients in Cook, DuPage, and surrounding counties.

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